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christmas hamper box car cosmetics
car cosmetics christmas hamper box
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Christmas Gift Box - EXTERIOR


EXTERIOR set of car care cosmetics is a great Christmas gift idea its not only elegant, but also practical. EXTERIOR Set contains four 1L bottles:


  • Quick Detailer - A multi-purpose product with a truly revolutionary and pleasant scent. One application is enough to clearly influence the appearance of the car body. Removes minor dirt and hard water stains. In addition, gently darkens/deepens paintwork, giving it  brilliant shine and reduces the visibility of fine scratches.
  • WHIPPED CREAMY FOAM - Active foam created on the basis of nano particles that effectively break up dirt and reduce surface tension. Promotes effective pre-washing. Neutral PH. Its safe for any type of cleaned surface, as well as for waxes and sealants. When maintaining the recommended concentrations, the foam is dense and stable. 
  • Red Cherry Shampoo - A neutral PH shampoo with a pleasant cherry scent. Has excellent washing properties and provides a suitable slip on the washed surface. 
  • CLASSY GLASS CLEANER - It is an ideal solution for quick and immediate cleaning of windows. It is easy to apply, quickly evaporates and leaves no streaks on the cleaned surface.


The kits consist of 4 x 1L bottles (products that require a spray trigger will be supplied with one) packed in elegant cardboard Christmas box with wood wool filling.