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quartz coat ceramic coating diy tenzi

Quartz Coat - Permanent Ceramic Coat -Paint Protection - TENZI

Professional quartz-ceramic coating for long term paint protection. It provides excellent gloss with extra water beading effect. Protects from scratches and UV rays. Slows down dirt settlement and paint matting process. Elastic quartz-ceramic coating excellently suits for all painted elements, both metal and plastic. Quartz Coat should be applied indoor in temperature 18-26°C 

Method of use:
1. Degrease washed, decontaminated and dried car body with IPA CLEANER.
2. Apply QUARTZ COAT on first element using atomizer applicator wrapped with small cloth.
3. Spread evenly with straight moves in one direction and crosswise afterwards.
4. Leave to dry for 3-7 minutes.
5. Buff gently with mocrofibre towel.
6. Repeat apllication on next elements. Wait at least 3 hours before applying another layer.
7. After applying the last layer leave for hardening in the same conditions for at least 12 hours.

Avoid chemical washing for at least 14 days!