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Whipped Creamy Foam - Active Foam

Active foam created on the basis of nano particles that effectively break up dirt and reduce surface tension. Promotes effective pre-washing. Neutral PH. Its safe for any type of cleaned surface, as well as for waxes and sealants. When maintaining the recommended concentrations, the foam is dense and stable. 


  • Highly Concentrated Product
  • Active foam based on nano particles. Ideal for pre-washing.
  • Has a neutral pH
  • Safe to use on all types of surfaces.
  • Thick and stable foam
  • Easy to rinse off.
  • Very efficient due to its high concentration


How to use:


Make sure surface is cool before using.
Apply the solution to the surface using hand foamer or foam system.
Choose the right concentration for you depending on the type of foam maker, water flow and the desired effect.
Apply the foam and leave it on for a few minutes, not allowing for it to dry.
Rinse the surface with pressure washer.
Move onto shampoo washing after completion of this pre-wash.
Wear protective gloves when working with this product.


Recommended dilution: 

1: 9 to 1:20 for PA foam makers

1: 350 to 1: 450 for manual foam makers.