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TENZI - Quartz Spray - Quick Detailer - 600ml

TENZI - Quartz spray

Car body protection

Innovative product based on nanotechnology. Unique formula which contains particles of the liquid quartz, provides long-lasting protection and gloss finish to the car paint which enhances its color depth and protects it from atmospheric conditions and UV rays. Product provides hydrophobic effect on the car body and windows. It may be used on dry and wet car paint. Very easy to use.

1. Before applying thoroughly clean the car body and wash it down ideally with demineralized water to avoid any stains or streaks.
2. Apply product on the selected element of the car body
3. Spread it with soft cloth by using circular movements
4. Gently polish the surface with the same cloth
5. Repeat the process for the rest of the car body

Wet application:
2. Apply product on wet panels
3. Wash with high pressure water

Please note - applying to dry surface will create a longer lasting effect.